NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 10 #2

NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 10 #2 has been published. 

In this edition, a number of series return – including Poetically Man Dwells, Lighting the Un-Lightable, The Way Back, Jim Whiting’s interview of Falcon. In addition, we feature photo essays by Lew G. Brown and Falcon, one of which is about old farms and towns in North Carolina, a photo essay by Falcon called “Forgotten” which looks at abandoned places around the South. Also featured: Von Trapp photography, Delta Photography and Karin Gleasson, a Swedish digital artist. The featured model is Breannalyn Todd. Cheri Summers returns in Lighting the Un-lightable. Poetically Man Dwells focuses on the loss of love and sadness mirrored in a poem by Enda St. Vincent Millay and Bette Midler’s song “The Rose.” You can read this edition for free. Just click on the button below.

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NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 10 #2 was published 15 May 2020.