Without a doubt, it is one of the most complex aspects of learning photography – moving from auto exposure to totally working in manual.

I can’t speak for JD Milazzo, but I can say that I never – NEVER – wanted to work in manual. I was convinced that working in manual would get in the way of connecting emotionally to whatever I was photographing. That was true for the first three years of our professional career. However, over time, we were more or less forced to work from automatic to manual exposure. Fortunately, JD, who is given to researching and collecting data around which to build best practices, had done significant research. He determined that the most effective way to work in manual was to keep the ISO as low as possible. I quickly learned that – contrary to what we might think – a digital camera produces its best images when the camera is less sensitive to light.

This video details how to quickly learn to work in manual without the learning curve ‘- or complexity – of other methods.