If you have been following our journey – a journey which began about a year and a half now – it started with the purchase of a single vintage Pentax 6×7 lens. That experience was so revolutionary for Falcon that, for his fine art work, he only uses vintage lenses. In November of 2019, he purchased a vintage Pentax 6×7 film camera, and, shortly after that, he shot his first roll of film. Four rolls later, and he started scanning film. That, in itself, was no small task. (We will look at that in a future post.)
As we will see, scanning isn’t as simple as laying the film on the scanner. Nor, for that matter, is integrating scanned images into a digital workflow. So, Falcon and JD Milazzo had to come up with a way to do just that. There is no one way to do this – and subsequently they are working on modifying the naming convention to some extent to make it simpler and closer to what is used for digital images. Still, you have to begin somewhere.

We will be posting more videos as we move through this process. In an upcoming post, we will be looking at scanning. As always, you can read the current installment in the series “The Way Back” here.