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See the World Again. For the First Time.

NyghtVision is the official magazine of The House of NyghtFalcon

About NyghtVision Magazine

NyghtVision Magazine was first published in 2010. For the first three years, we published three issues per year. Since then, we have published four per year. In 2014, we published a special issue of the best work of our students. The fourth edition of the year is our annual gear issue. Typically, we publish March 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15.

We capture, convey and create emotion through still and motion imaging.

We believe in the ability of a single image, still or motion, to show us not only how the world is now, but how it can be. We believe that each and every image we create can and will fundamentally change the way we see the world. And so it is that we call everyone who sees our work to envision that world with us. See the world again. For the first time.

We believe in the ability of a single image, still or motion, to open our eyes to the immeasurable beauty of the world, to the deep richness of our humanity, to remove the “sameness” that keeps us from seeing, feeling and becoming all that we are and can be. We believe that only when we engage the world’s disclosure of itself to us, only when we open ourselves completely and without reservation, do we become fully and completely human.

We believe in the ability of a single image, still or motion, to awaken in us a passion to exist and a passion to rebel against the passing of time and the certainty of death. We believe that the creation of a single image is and shall always be that which defines us in our rebellion against mortality and the passing of time. We believe that it isn’t logic and reason that define us as human, it is our rebellious will to create in the face of the certainty of death. And so we speak of love and hope and laughter though we embrace and acknowledge the beauty of sadness and the tragedy of human existence.

See the world again. For the first time.

The House of NyghtFalcon

Founded January 2003, The House of NyghtFalcon quickly garnered international acclaim for its work. The firm’s founders, Falcon and JD Milazzo, remain with the firm to this day. JD is the firm’s COO and Falcon it’s Senior Partner. The firm’s work has been published globally, in publications like Digital Camera World (UK), the national edition of PlayBill, After Capture, Studio Photography, and The Wall Street Journal. The firm’s work is known for its detail, vibrant color, and emotional power. The firm’s NyghtVision Methodology for lighting is unique to The House of NyghtFalcon. NyghtVision Methodology is based on a theory of the physics of light that is similar to the one for which Gabriel Lippmann was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1908.

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“Dear Nyghtfalcon it is rare that I comment on work seen on [a web site] but I wish I had the words to express the beauty of your images, the composition and lighting are excellent, in my humble opinion you captured something beyond the image, call it the soul for means of a word, its intoxicating thank you and blessed be…”

Martin Maran, West Yorkshire UK

“I would like to say that your photography is a redefinition of intimacy and finesse.”

Marcel Jr. Nault, Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Changing the way we see the world.

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