NyghtVision Magazine, Volume 10 #4 Released.

Hard to believe another year is coming to an end, but it is…. With the end of the year, we will be closing the book on Volume 10 of NyghtVision Magazine. In this edition, we featured Igor Amelkovich who is from Russia and formerly part of the Russian army. He is an award winning photographer whose work demonstrates grace and beauty. Also featured is Dan Hecho, also of Russia. His work is breathtaking as well. Doug Ross, Ben Ernst, and Dennis Keim all return with new work. Regular features – Lighting the Un-lightable, Poetically Man Dwells, and The Way Back” all returned. Falcon’s journey into the world of film photography has been challenging and following his journey is quite interesting. His film camera of choice is a Pentax 6×7 – larger format than a medium format. Falcon has posted several YouTube videos about the experience. Here’s one: Falcon and JD Milazzo are seriously considering purchasing a 4xx5 film camera next year. We look forward to documenting that as well.
It has been a year filled with changes for our magazine. We have added a “stable” of artists who are regular contributors. Among them are Doug Ross (Ireland), Dennis Keim (USA), Lente Scura (Italy), Ben Ernst (Netherlands) and Paolo Lazzarotti (Italy). Readership has increased about 20%, In addition, the format has changed and we are using new technology to display the magazine. To read the current edition, which is free, please click here. Our first edition for next year will be released – we hope – in February 2021. If you are interested in submitting work, just click here to contact us.