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Aura Noir.

Aura Noir are truly unique expressions of our visual and emotional experience of the world. Each Aura Noir invites you to share that experience and to bring it into your home, office, or collection.

  • Aura Noir are created using vintage 6×7 cm and 4×5 large format cameras. Vestiges of the golden years, these images are created using film.
  • In addition to our vintage cameras, we also use vintage lenses, some more than 70 years old.
  • The process by which film is transformed into a Aura Noir is proprietary to The House of NyghtFalcon.
  • Each “finish” reflects a moment in the past long lost to modern technology.
  • Over a period of days, a Aura Noir is painstakingly completed.


From beginning to end, it can take up to 30 days to render a Aura Noir. The process of rendering itself requires time, patience, and persistence. Until and unless a rendering meets our exacting standards, it does not leave our studio.

Each Aura Noir is signed and numbered. A certificate of authenticity is included. Aura Noir are guaranteed for life.

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C. 2020 NyghtFalcon. All rights reserved.
C. 2020 NyghtFalcon. All rights reserved.
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