"Falcon, it is a pleasure to interview you again. I know you have been very busy redesigning and finding a new platform for NyghtVision magazine, traveling to California for a challenging job, and a couple of other social activities about which I will not elaborate. I want to mention that the new format for NyghtVision Magazine is excellent.
Falcon: Well, Jim, I'm happy to share those - what did you call them? Ah, yes, "social activities" with you.
Jim: I'll pass. I think it is best I vicariously experience those activities, not only in the third person, but also at arm's length.
Falcon: C'mon, Jim, where's you spirit of adventure?
Jim: Where it usually is - safely in my past.
Falcon: To say I am disappointed is to put it lightly. (Sarcastic grin.)
Jim: As we discussed, the topic for this interview is "Lighting the Unlightable," one of the educational sections of NyghtVision magazine. I find this section very informative and always look forward to reading and analyzing it. How did it develop?
Falcon: Are you changing the subject?
Jim: Absolutely.
Falcon: I see, well, as long as you are honest about that, I guess I'll answer your question.
Jim: I'd respond to that, however, we'd never get to the topic we are supposed to discuss.
Falcon: Well, in the spirit of not wanting to make this edition of the magazine late, I will yield to your request.

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