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This is the news and product review section. We also publish excerpts from various articles here. In depth reviews can be found in each issue of NyghtVision Magazine. Each edition is published quarterly. Regular features include photo essays, product reviews, tutorials, “Lighting the Un-lightable” and “Poetically Man Dwells.” “Lighting the Un-lightable” offers practical analysis on how to light complex and difficult scenes. We use our lighting methodology to help you understand how to think about light. “Poetically Man Dwells,” a more philosophical essay, provides a look at how we think about art and emotion. You can read the current edition by clicking here.
Originally published in 2010, the format of the magazine has changed significantly over the years. In 2010 and 2011, we published three times a year. In 2012, we began publishing four issues per year. Regular contributors include Falcon, JD Milazzo, Lew G. Brown, Jim Whiting, Andy Walcott, Francios DeWynter and Troy Millanaro.