Think Tank Photo's Naked Shape Shifter.

Nothing is more important – in our experience – than proper preparation for an assignment. When we are in the field, there is no going back to the studio to get something we forget. It doesn’t matter if that assignment is down the street or the other side of the world.
But, that isn’t all there is to proper preparation. Having the right gear is critically important. The right gear isn’t just the right camera, lenses, memory cards…. It is also having the gear necessary to protect all the “stuff” you will need. So, there’s a reason why we choose Think Tank and why we won’t use any other “bag” or case from another other manufacturer.
Actually, there are many reasons why we only use Think Tank: Quality of manufacturing, functionality of design, comfort, and attention to detail.
In the case of the Naked Shape Shifter, as Jim Whiting discovered, he was able to use one bag to transport his gear when he was on the road and then “convert” that travel bag into a bag he could use on assignment. In the world in which airlines no longer carry our bags for free, this saved money. More importantly, it saved space and made travel easier.
The rugged design means that a Think Tank bag effectively protects expensive gear.

Article by Falcon
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