NEC Multisync monitors have long been synonymous with the best the world of visual displays has to offer. When Falcon was CEO of Systems Design, a value-added reseller of computer systems to engineering firms, his firm relied exclusively on NEC monitors. That was in the 1980s.
The House of NyghtFalcon purchased its first NEC display in 2003 and we have used nothing else. You could say that Falcon was correct – there is no display that can rival what NEC can offer. The old adage – you get what you pay for – is correct. When it comes to image quality, resolution, features, and thoughtful design, NEC can’t be beaten.
The new PA322UHD series continues that tradition. The 4K capabilities of this display are nothing short of breathtaking with a sense of “reach out and touch” realism that is almost hyper-real. For video and still image editing, there is no better display. Learn more about this product here.

Some of the features of the  the NEC PA322UHB-BK-2 include:

  • Picture in a picture
  • Robust color management and reproduction
  • Single monitor-multiple computer connection
  • Multiple video connections
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